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Title: Speak No Evil
Characters: Nana the House Elf
Rating: PG
Word Count: 298
Summary: Nana sees all!
Warnings: None.
Author’s Note: This is just a bit of silliness to get me back into the swing of writing. RPG-based universe.

Nana sees things. You sees lots of things when you is a house elf; good things, bad things, little everyday things. You say nothing because only bad house elves would talk about their masters. Good or bad masters don’t matter, good or bad house elves do. Nana is a good house elf.

Nana says nothing about finding Mistress Penny on the kitchen counter, Master Julian between her legs. Nana tells the kitchen elf, Cookie, to give the counter an extra scrub the next day.

When the twinsies--only two years old!--escape their cribs and make Mistress Penny’s pricey shoes dance while they eat biscuits, Nana wishes wizard kiddies were trained to punish themselves like good little house elf children but scolds them anyway. Mistress Penny never knows. That time, anyway.

Mistress Penny is different from the other witches Nana has served. Mistress Penny is not from a proud magic family and has funny ideas sometimes. Mistress Penny wants to make her own tea in the mornings, only uses beauty charms when she oversleeps, and refuses to let Cookie throw out the Muggle maycrowavie. But she is a good Mistress, never throwing things or yelling. Nana can put up with these little quirks.

The strangest thing though is that Mistress Penny and Master Julian do not live in the same house. Of course, they is not married so it wouldn’t be proper but Nana thinks of the previous Vaisey’s she’s served and cannot think of a pair that had children before a wedding.

Non-magic people be putting the cart before the horse in Nana’s opinion but she is a good house-elf and says nothing.

Besides, if they lived in one house, Nana is not sure how Cookie and Bernard could keep up with cleaning all the rooms.


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