Dec. 21st, 2009 01:37 pm
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Just a heads  up that my power cord for my laptop has officially died so I am without power until Christmas (because I anticipated this happening and requested a new cord from Santa)!! D: I'll try to get the Christmas drabbles up before the day by stealing the family computer but I won't be on YIM. *pouts* Sorry, folks!
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So, I yelled at my geology professor today for being patronizing and giving us ridiculous rock riddles to solve without actually giving us the knowledge to answer said riddles. In the middle of lecture.

*is horrified*

I was nearly back to my dorm when the guilt set in and I had to go back and apologize. *sheepish foot shuffle*

He was very understanding, thankfully. And he admitted that he can be  patronizing  so I feel a bit more justified. Then I admitted that I yelled because I asked for help (which I hate doing anyway) and he was glib with his answer which really pissed me off so I called him back and wasn't pretty.

I'm having some huge issues with a concept he's trying to teach us and I'm just so frustrated that I can't get it that I'm taking it out on him. *sigh* AND its a freshman course that I destroyed the curve on for the first exam so I feel like I should be understanding this.

But I feel so bad! I've nevernevernever dressed a professor down (in public). >< And I actually like this professor! He's hilarious! And Irish!

But I am going to end up bashing him in the head with one of his precious rocks if he doesn't stop talking to me like I'm six. 

So yeah, we decided that we'd both work on our communication skills and try again on Monday. We'll see what happens. Wish me luck!
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So, I stepped out of my 8am lab this morning after doing worksheets on the water cycle and what do I find outside?


First thought?

'Dear God, I'm trapped in the hyrdologic cycle.' *pout*

Also, my hair has been a monster the last few days. It finally did what I wanted it to do this morning except I didn't grab my umbrella because who expects rain in February in Michigan?

Yeah, stupid question.

All in all though, I've been pretty chipper lately. Maybe its the false spring that we're having (ignoring the whole rain thing) and that I finally kicked the chest cold I've been incubating for the last two weeks.

Anyway, life is beautiful and yadda yadda ya. :D


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