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Title: By Your Side; An Andromeda+Ted Fanmix
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairing: Andromeda Tonks (Black)/Ted Tonks
Tracks: 11
Run Time: 40.8 minutes
File Size: 38.2 MB
Note: It's been since April since I've done a mix. o.O This was originally going to be posted with my [ profile] interhouse_fest  fic but I procrastinated my way to DOom and it was not to be. This mix is a little different from my usual in a couple ways: 1) it's for a canon couple and 2) it isn't necessarily meant to tell a story (though one is in there). This is a mood mix, a little time capsule of Dromeda/Ted songs that would be playing on the radio in the early 70's when Dromeda and Ted were just graduating and getting married. All songs made the British Top 100 before 1973. (Yeah, I'm a freak.) I did individual track downloads for this one since there's bound to be overlap with everyone's existing music library.

Oh, and one more thing. The cover displayed here and the cover actually attached to the mix is a  wee bit different. I'd be shocked if you even noticed (except now I've told you. bah) but if you like the displayed one better just snag it from here. I'd already uploaded all the songs when I made the new one (bad me) and couldn't bring myself to redo it all.


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Made another fanmix! This one isn't specific to anything in Si Muove, its a Death Eater fanmix! *gasp* I do love me some evil. This focuses mostly on the First War and the intervening years. :D There's actually another one of these coming that's more Muove for the purebloods of the game but the coverart for it isn't done yet. I just uploaded the full zip for this one, if you want an individual song or two JUST ASK. :*

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Once upon a time there was a girl that stalked the fanmix community, she gained many a new tune and admired all the pretty cover art. Then one day that girl asked herself 'why not try to make one of your own?'

So, for your listening pleasure, I may have made a muove fanmix...*whistles innocently*

It's Mandy/Eddie. Yes, I know I'm jumping the gun here but their possible dysfunctional relationship just lends itself to music and before I knew it there was a beautiful mix before my eyes! I even made a cover! (Using Picnik, so don't judge the lack of Wentworth, I couldn't manip him in). If any of you stalk the fanmix comm like I do then you'll probably understand my cover influence, if you don't its ART okay? ;)

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And that would be that! Go ahead, tell me how much of a geek I am. :o) Individual track downloads are linked in the track number. The full zip can be found here. Files should all be in mp3 format. Want something desperately in another format? Ask me! And send cookies.


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