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Title: In This Valley of Dying Stars
Characters: Andromeda Tonks, Narcissa Malfoy, various Black family members
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2,037
Summary: It seems like the Blacks only gather for their dead.
Warnings: Character death(s), angst
Author/Artist's notes: This was written for the 2011 round of [ profile] hp_darkfest. I’d like to thank my betas, [ profile] leigh_adams and [ profile] elle_blessing, for being fabulously patient and making sure this fic isn’t a hot mess. So, this was fun to write because I got to untangle the death timeline that is the Black family tree. I am such a nerd.

keeping quiet and meaningless )
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Title: Spiralling
Characters: Lucius Malfoy/Hermione Granger, Bellatrix Lestrange
Rating: R
Word Count: 1,163
Summary: Hermione hopes tomorrow will be better.
Warnings: Non-con, abuse, angst.
Author's Notes: This was written for [ profile] scarletladyy during [ profile] rarepair_shorts' Winter Fic Exchange. Thanks to my beta, [ profile] leigh_adams. There is nothing ‘sorta’ about her awesomeness.

she's tumbling down )
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Title: Sisyphean
Characters: George Weasley/Angelina Johnson
Words: 267
Rating: R/Mature
Summary: Grief takes many forms. This is theirs.
Warnings: Alcoholism, angst
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] drcjsnider for [ profile] rarepair_shortsSummer Wishlist Event.

roll the boulder up, just to see it come back down )
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Title: The Lies Between
Characters: Penelope Clearwater/Julian Vaisey
Word Count: 201
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Semi-original character. RPG-based.
Summary: Sometimes the lies you tell are less frightening than the loneliness you might feel if you stopped telling them. - Brock Clarke
Author's Notes: Just a wee drabble that I wrote for [ profile] hp_humpdrabbles  about a month ago now and forgot to archive. My bad. Julian Vaisey is a semi-OC based on [ profile] leigh_adams ' characterization.

The Lies Between (1/1) )
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Title: Pretty When You Cry (Selected Scenes From a Death Eater Courtship)
Characters/Pairings: Parvati Patil, Walden Macnair
Rating: R/Mature
Warnings: Mature themes/content, stalking/abuse. Non-con leaning.
Word Count: ~3400
Summary: Walden Macnair finds something to entertain himself while teaching at Hogwarts. That something is Parvati Patil.
Author's Note: This fic was written while staring at MadCarrot fanart and looking up the DSM-IV's definition of predatory stalking. Yeah, take that information as you will. I'd like to thank my betas, [ profile] leigh_adams and [ profile] elle_blessing, for putting up with this madness. [ profile] celestineangel, I hope you like this and thanks for the great prompt.

if you knew how much I love you, you would run away )
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Title: Too Late
Percy Weasley/Penelope Clearwater
Words: 334
Disclaimer: Not mine, all JKR.
Warnings: None.
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] hp_humpdrabbles with the song "I Was Wrong" by Sleeperstar as the prompt.

to apologize )
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Title: Morning After
Angelina Johnson/OMC
Words: 160
Disclaimer: Not mine, all JKR.
Warnings: None.
Author's Note: Another lil something. I've fallen behind on my archiving so sorry for all the fic. This was written for [ profile] hp_humpdrabbles with the prompt  "Regret is the insight that comes too late."

That morning light is bright )
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Title: Taken For Granted
Words:  ~300
Not mine, all JKR.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Incest, femmeslash
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] forsanethaec over at [ profile] deatheatercest's Drabblethon. The prompt was "I don't know how to be something you miss; I never thought we'd have a last kiss." and hopefully this isn't the hot mess I think it may be. I'm playing with a choppier style that I like reading but not sure I'm all that adept at writing. Er, hope you enjoy! Edit: With new participant banner flavor!

Your name, forever the name on my lips )
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Title: The Brightest Witch of Her Age
Hermione Granger & Voldemort
Words: 271
Not mine, all JKR.
Rating: R-ish
Warnings: AU, dark themes
Author's Note: I'm on some sort of Voldemort kick or something lately. This was written for [ profile] sortinghatdrabs  with the prompt 'Fall'. It's not my favorite thing I've ever written but it took second place so it can't be too bad, right?

The Brightest Witch of Her Age (1/1) )
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Title: Parenthetical
Characters: Ginny Weasley, Tom Riddle
Words: 282
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Not mine, all JKR.
Warnings: Implied bad (abusive) parenting and ridiculous POV experimentation.
Author's Note: This was written a few weeks ago for [ profile] sortinghatdrabs  that I completely forgot to post after the fact. I was pretty nervous about this one because I changed my structure somewhat but I'm fairly pleased with the result. :D Plus it took second place. Not too shabby.

Parenthetical (1/1) )
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Title: Awakening
Characters: Asto(e)ria Greengrass/Draco Malfoy
Rating: R
Words: 538
Warnings: Sorta EWE. 
Disclaimer:Not mine.
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] hp_humpdrabbles ' 2010 Humpathon. [ profile] leigh_adams requested Draco/Astoria to the prompt of Blinding by Florence+the Machine. I didn't fit everything I wanted to into this so I suggest listening to the song as you read to get a bit more out of this.

Synapse slipping through the open door... )
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Title: Turning Us Into Monsters
Characters: Bellatrix/Sirius
Rating: R
Words:: 320
Warnings: Cousincest. Obviously.
Disclaimer:: Not mine.
Author's Note: This was written for [ profile] hp_humpdrabbles ' Humpathon. [ profile] elle_blessing wanted Bella/Sirius to the prompt of 'tainted'.

Turning us into fires... )
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Title: In Dreams It Creeps
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange, Voldemort
Words: ~1000
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some disturbing imagery. Not that bad, really.
Author's Note: Well, once upon a time I thought I could complete a DracoBigBang. I was wrong. xD I got about 1500 words in and declared myself DOOMED. But in the interest of not letting it go to waste,  I thought I'd post some of it as a one-shot. There's more to this but it just kinda drags along so I cut it for a tidier reading experience. Hope you like!

In Dreams It Creeps (1/1) )
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Title: Deathbed Wishes
Characters: Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy
Words: 298
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Alluded character death and some really dark humor.
Author's Note: I'm a winnar! This took first place and Mod's Choice at [ profile] sortinghatdrabs ! Also, its Gen-fic, I promise.

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Title: Happily Ever After (1/1)
Author: [ profile] fiery_flamingo
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 870
Possible spoilers/warnings: None
Summary: "What's a little tequila between family?"
Notes: Not sure how much I like this but its done! Yay! This is a Christmas drabble for [ profile] leigh_adams requested LAST YEAR. Yeah, I know, I rock. Not. Leigh requested Angelina and Katie with some rum tequila so here they are.

Happily Ever After (1/1) )


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