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Birthdate:Mar 3
Location:Michigan, United States of America
.About Me
Daughter. Student. Writer. Fangirl. I'm a 23 year-old in the hazy transition between college and the 'real world'. Currently residing in my home-state of Michigan but am also familiar with the Ozarks of Missouri. Former band geek and eternal music lover. I like to read and write, cook, play the random video game. Hopefully, I'm more literate than this introduction is reflecting.

.My Fandoms
I mostly play within Harry Potter. I'm a co-mod at [info]bwfd_ldws and write at [info]pinksheep_wench and [info]caliga_rpg. But I like to dabble over in Supernatural, Dr. Who, and anything Joss Whedon related. I also like to lurk around The Sims 2 for legacy stories (they're a really interesting multi-media form of story-telling). I'm an equal opportunity fangirl!

.Friending Policy
I have a semi-locked journal. Fanfic and some related memes are public but personal posts and some fandom things that having public could get me in trouble (eg. fanmixes) are locked.

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Sailor Jupiter Is Tough Love

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3oh!3, 65daysofstatic, a song of ice and fire, amelie, angel the series, angelina johnson, angelina/fred, angelina/george, azure ray, beatrix potter, bellatrix lestrange, bill weasley, books, brand new, buffy, cage the elephant, camelot, card tricks, castiel, charlie weasley, cooking, david bowie, dean winchester, discworld, disney, doctor who, dollhouse, draco malfoy, draco/ginny, ella enchanted, ellen harvelle, elton john, explosions in the sky, fairy tales, fanmixes, firefly, fleur delacour, fleur/bill, florence + the machine, florence and the machine, forensic anthropology, fred weasley, gabriel garcia marquez, game of thrones, george weasley, german folklore, ginny weasley, good omens, greek mythology, harry potter, hermione granger, hindu mythology, inception, isabel allende, jacqueline carey, jane austen, jo harvelle, joseph gordon levitt, joss whedon, kingdom hearts, kiss kiss bang bang, kushiel's dart, la roux, leverage, little miss sunshine, m*a*s*h, mad men, margot and the nuclear so and so's, metric, mullet rock, mumford and sons, music, mythology, ninth doctor, norse mythology, origami, penelope clearwater, percy weasley, percy/penny, reading, robert downey jr, ron weasley, sailor moon, sam winchester, sea wolf, severus snape, shiny toy guns, sims 2, sirius black, tenth doctor, terry pratchett, the 10th kingdom, the borgias, the hunger games, the kills, the who, tv on the radio, vienna teng, viktor krum, weasleys, white collar. psych. burn notice, writing, yeah yeah yeahs
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